Data room software provides a virtual space for sharing and working together on time-sensitive documents like during mergers and acquisitions or when conducting capital raises. It can help streamline due diligence, other transactions, and to engage potential customers during sales processes by presenting content.

To protect confidential business information Data rooms come with several features that go beyond standard tools for sharing files. Make sure you are using two-factor authentication, specific permission settings, dynamic watermarking and time and IP access restrictions when selecting the right option. It is also important to determine if the tool is compliant with ISO 27001 and HIPAA standards.

Some vendors have additional features that set their product apart from the competition. Some vendors provide drag-and-drop uploaders that permit users to upload multiple files in one click. Some also offer advanced search options using optical character recognition as well as labeling and tag. Some also offer customized NDAs that require all users to sign up to the terms of usage before they can access the data room.

Citrix is a highly-praised company that provides a variety of reliable, secure and user-friendly VDR tools. Its platform is utilized by companies in a variety of sectors such as law firms, investment banks, and commercial real estate brokers. The customer service is accessible 24/7 and has a excellent reputation as being knowledgeable and friendly.

Confiex is another well-known online data room provider that can be used for a vast variety of transactions and is widely used by financial advisors, biotech and government contractors, pharmaceutical companies, as well as other industry professionals. Its virtual repository comes with a two-step authentication process, is fully encrypted and features dynamic watermarks that prevent any unauthorized distribution. The interface is simple to navigate and includes a variety of useful tools for reporting.