Corporate branding is a more broad concept than branding products, as it is more focused on the mindset and character a company has and its standing in the market. It helps identify the distinctive selling proposition (USP) of an organization and helps distinguish it from its rivals.

Corporate Branding offers a broad range of benefits including setting businesses apart from the competition, enhancing customer relationships, building loyalty and trust with consumers, and reducing the necessity for marketing products. It permits the expansion of the brand name and the recognition of products over time because customers associate them with a familiar name.

A clearly defined brand is crucial for any business. It can be utilized for public relations, and employee recruitment. The creation of a strong corporate brand requires an extensive amount of analysis and planning to ensure that the company message is conveyed in a logical manner.

The process of creating a brand for your company can be a daunting task for large and small businesses alike. While the advertising agencies on Madison Avenue might have you believe that corporate branding was at its peak in the boardrooms that were smoky and filled with martinis, the emergence of social media and the internet has brought a whole new set of issues that require a fresh approach. Many companies are merging corporate branding with marketing, communication, and even social and environmental initiatives.